Chimney Repair in Vancouver, BC to Get Your Fireplace Winter Ready

It is a wise decision to start preparing for the approaching winter as soon as possible. If you have an open fire or wood-burning stove, you should check your chimney now before you start using it again. Consider hiring a professional chimney repair company in Vancouver BC if you find any problems.

Cleaning the Chimney

If you haven’t used your chimney over the summer, it’s a good idea to have it cleaned. This will remove soot buildup as well as any obstacles like leaves, twigs, birds’ nests, and even birds themselves, so that you won’t have to deal with fireplace smoke inside your home when you light the season’s first fire. Read more on this article:


Understanding the Importance of Chimney Repair and Lining in a Chimney

Chimneys are naturally built to last a long time, but that does not mean they don’t require care now and then. Failing to provide due maintenance for a chimney can be the cause of various problems in your home such as accidental fires due to damaged brickwork or health issues because of a defective flue. The liner is one part of a chimney that can lead to various structural problems down the line if it is not given the attention it deserves. Understanding the role that a flue liner plays in the system is vital so you can grasp the need for repairs when something is not right.

Remove Gases

The primary function of a flue liner is to allow the system to safely expel flue gases that are produced when combustion of various fuels takes place. Proper sizing of a flue liner is essential in generating sufficient draft in and out of a room.

Chimney Repair: Identify Some of the Most Common Causes of Cracks

Chimneys are built to last for long, but there is a lot that can go wrong during their lifetime, particularly if maintenance is neglected. You may not even have thought about the chimney in your home or commercial property since its installation, making it appropriate to consider hiring Vancouver, BC chimney repair and maintenance services, such as Consumers Choice Roofing and Drainage.

Cracks on the inside and outside walls are some of the defects that develop over a long time of use or, in some circumstances, due to poor maintenance. After exposure to the elements, the mortar joints in the middle of stone and brick construction may begin to flake and leave cracks behind, thereby compromising the integrity of the chimney. So, what causes these cracks?

Vancouver Chimney Repair Professionals Warn about Mold in Your Chimney

The fireplace is probably the last part of your Vancouver home that you think will be susceptible to mold growth. After all, mold thrives in the cold, damp and dark, three things which the fireplace is definitely not. So how could mold possibly grow there, right?

Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that it’s not uncommon to find mold growing in fireplaces. The reason mold is able to grow in that part of your home is because rainwater has the uncanny ability to reach even the most unusual places, which includes brick crevices inside your fireplace. Furthermore, damaged flashing and chimney caps let in snow and rain, making the location even more conducive to mold growth.

The Most Common Chimney Problems that will Require Immediate Repair

As a homeowner, you probably go through a lot of work to make sure your home keeps in a great condition, but every now and then certain areas can deteriorate, and may require professional attention. One part of the home a lot of people tend to neglect is the chimney.

If your chimney takes a bit of damage, and is left for too long, it could end up getting much worse, and costing you more in the long run. To give you a better idea of the whole issue, here is a simple guide to chimney repairs in Vancouver.

As you are probably already aware, there are many different kinds of fireplaces, which require specific kinds of attention when it comes to repairs and maintenance. It’s likely that your fireplace runs on gas, electricity, or wood pellet.