Watching Out for Signs of a Deteriorating Chimney and How to Fix Them

Chimney problems can creep up on you without the slightest clue. It is very easy to forget about chimney maintenance because most people don’t use it that much. However, some of the problems that arise due to neglect can cost you a lot in repairs. The best thing is to have a professional in Vancouver to provide maintenance on a periodic basis.

One chimney issue that homeowner should keep an eye out for is deterioration. Vancouver chimney experts can provide fixes for a deteriorating flue. However, you can take better care of the flue system in your home or commercial building when you have knowledge of how systematic damages occur.

Porous Bricks

Brick houses can last a long time but only if the quality of the material is good. The same applies to the chimney. A flue constructed with porous bricks will start to deteriorate with time.


Vancouver Chimney Repair Professionals Warn about Mold in Your Chimney

The fireplace is probably the last part of your Vancouver home that you think will be susceptible to mold growth. After all, mold thrives in the cold, damp and dark, three things which the fireplace is definitely not. So how could mold possibly grow there, right?

Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that it’s not uncommon to find mold growing in fireplaces. The reason mold is able to grow in that part of your home is because rainwater has the uncanny ability to reach even the most unusual places, which includes brick crevices inside your fireplace. Furthermore, damaged flashing and chimney caps let in snow and rain, making the location even more conducive to mold growth.

A Look at the Persistent Appeal of Chimney in Vancouver Homes

Chimney sweeps are one of those job descriptions that we seldom think too long about. It conjures up images of Victorian houses, archaic industrial workers, and a general hark back to the past. However, there are still a great many people out there in the world today making a living as a chimney sweep.

For one reason or another, millions worldwide have opted to eschew electrical or gas fireplaces in favour of traditional fires, and not without good reason. So why do these original fireplaces remain so popular?

Keeping Your Vancouver Home Chimney Protected from Damaging Moisture

Chimneys can be a valuable addition to any home, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view. Few things are more satisfying than going back to a warm and cozy house during a cold and rainy winter day. However, wet and damp weather (just like you would expect from typical B.C. winter weather) can affect your chimney in Vancouver, causing structural problems that can be costly and time-consuming to repair. Because prevention is better than cure, Vancouver homeowners have much to gain from taking a proactive approach to chimney maintenance. Here are a few things to look out for so you can enjoy a warm and cozy home for many years to come.

Top Tips on How to Know When Your Vancouver Chimney Needs Repointing

Being in such a vulnerable position on the top of your house, your chimney is not only exposed to the harsh elements of wind, rain and sun, but it is also out of sight and is therefore often neglected. However, ensuring that your chimney is in prime working condition and that all of the brickwork is undamaged should be a top priority for homeowners everywhere.

Identifying Damages

Damage to the mortar joints of your Vancouver chimney stack is likely to be caused by weathering and erosion and is therefore difficult to prevent. Furthermore, the natural ageing process of the brickwork may be enough to cause small cracks to appear in the mortar joints. If there are visibly loose bricks, damaged masonry or cracked mortar joints on your chimney, it is highly recommended that you call in a specialist to repoint the brickwork.

The Most Common Chimney Problems that will Require Immediate Repair

As a homeowner, you probably go through a lot of work to make sure your home keeps in a great condition, but every now and then certain areas can deteriorate, and may require professional attention. One part of the home a lot of people tend to neglect is the chimney.

If your chimney takes a bit of damage, and is left for too long, it could end up getting much worse, and costing you more in the long run. To give you a better idea of the whole issue, here is a simple guide to chimney repairs in Vancouver.

As you are probably already aware, there are many different kinds of fireplaces, which require specific kinds of attention when it comes to repairs and maintenance. It’s likely that your fireplace runs on gas, electricity, or wood pellet.

Telltale Signs that Your Chimney in Vancouver Needs Expert Repair

The chimneys on the top of Vancouver houses are a common sight that are often taken for granted, but what are they there for? A chimney has the main purpose of directing harmful gases from the furnace inside your home or workplace to the outside of the building. Due to the important job that the chimney carries out, it is vital that it remains maintained at all times.

Why Do You Need To Repair Your Chimney?

A chimney that doesn’t work to its full potential can be a big health risk to you and your family; by removing the toxic gases it ensures that you don’t breathe them in. If it can’t do this, then they will make you very ill. Alongside this, a crumbling chimney on Vancouver homes or elsewhere could land on someone at any point if left in disrepair–another important reason to repair it.