Vancouver, BC Chimney Repair Specialist Talks Chimney Winter Problems


People often view masonry chimneys as strong and sturdy home features that they can simply use and forget about. However, a chimney is not as low-maintenance as you may think it is. As the main vent for your fireplace, a chimney takes on a lot of responsibilities, and if yours isn’t able to do its tasks efficiently, it could lead to smelly interiors, damaged chimney structure, and even a major house fire.

The problem with winter

Like most areas in the northern region, masonry chimneys in Vancouver are made of materials such as brick, concrete, and mortar. All these materials have a porous quality, which means they absorb and hold in water. The process of absorbing and holding water occurs naturally throughout the year for your chimney, and does little harm to the structure during warm seasons.

Once the winter season starts though, plenty of problems come for your chimney. When moisture leaks down a chimney or permeates the bricks there are many types of damage that can occur. Your Vancouver, BC chimney repair specialists reveal to you some of the biggest problems your chimney will face once the temperature drops below freezing. Read more on this article:


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